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December 2010

Violent Visions

by dan on December 31, 2010

American Uprising began as my senior thesis at Harvard; Violent Visions; Slaves, Sugar, and the 1811 German Coast Uprising.  I thought I’d share the thesis here online (Click here to download: VIOLENT_VISIONS).  I wrote Violent Visions in a different style than American Uprising. I think of it as the google maps version of the story […]

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What Art About Slavery Should Look Like

by dan on December 26, 2010

Sculptor Anne Bouie shared this inspiring sculpture of the Mexican slave rebel and maroon leader Yanga. In the sculpture, Yanga casts off his chains and holds high a knigfe and spear, symbols of violent insurrection.  Yanga takes a heroic pose, his eyes staring upwards at the heavens, his feet firmly and defiantly planted.  You cannot help but feel inspired by […]

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1811 Slave Revolt Online

by dan on December 24, 2010

When I first started researching the 1811 revolt, there was almost nothing on the internet on the topic.  The bicentennial has brought new found attention to the event, and I wanted to link to some of the great new websites that are sharing the story of the revolt.  As an exercise early on in my […]

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by dan on December 16, 2010

Thank you for visiting the site for my new book, American Uprising, which is coming out on January 4.  Over the next few months, I’ll be using this blog to describe my experiences on my book tour, updating you on the latest media and publicity, and sharing my thoughts on slavery and black history.  I […]

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